Friday, 21 November 2014


Working on an interesting project at the moment called "Steak".

Steak is a collaborative comic book where several different illustrators take on one story about a time travelling chef who runs a chain of restaurants selling dinosaur meat.

Each artist works on a segment of the story which is interesting because each persons portrayal of the characters and different elements of the story will be different.

here is a rough sketch of the opening scene

Friday, 7 November 2014

Perfect Difference.

Recently I was asked by care worker- Nina Edwards to compile some short stories and illustrations written by her granddaughter (who is only 11) into a finished book.
The stories are based on her granddaughters take on the day to day on goings of Nina's job as a care worker founded on two young men with learning difficulties and three care workers including Nina. Xenia (Nina's granddaughter) calls this group the Perfect Difference Five and the stories are centered on the various adventures and calamities that the gang gets up to.

 One of the really nice things about this project is that Xenia feels very strongly about equal rights for people with learning difficulties and that comes across in her writing.

She writes:

 "Hi my name is Xenia, I am quite a young person but I have always enjoyed reading and writing stories. I love writing stories for all people and children, especially for my Sister who has Down syndrome and has just started school, she isn’t like anybody and we will always love and cherish her. These stories are also for my Mum, my Dad, My two Nan’s, my special friends and for the children who are disabled and possibly teased for it. Everybody deserves to be treated equally and people like my sister shouldn’t be treated like they don’t matter. I want the world to know that it doesn’t matter whether you are different in any way it only matters how beautiful you are inside, not outside so keep going! You’re your own PERFECT DIFFERENCE!"

This task has not been illustrative, more a question of design and proof reading, involving checking the spelling and grammar of the document, choosing the images for the text and laying the document out in a format ready for print. This is a good example of how clients will sometimes ask an illustrator for a services other than strict illustration because whilst such tasks can be tricky to those who don't work in the sphere of the creative or publishing sectors, an illustrator would have at least a basic knowledge of some simple design principles and necessary software skills required.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Sad old Giff...

New web logo...

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Friday, 26 September 2014

Why why why Delilah?

Here is a poster for a book jacket that I'm currently working on  for John Leonard's "Why Delilah?" the book is an examination of football in the potteries.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Banjo the flying pig is now an ebook, im told that it is available on itunes. Comes complete with voice narration, animation and its own theme tune!

Monday, 25 November 2013

Maggie The Wonder Dog

Maxine Mellen's latest children's book- Maggie the Wonder Dog.

"A classic tale of the underdog who becomes a Wonder dog!"

"Meet Maggie a mutt with a messy side. After a mishap too many, Maggie is made to leave the family home to learn to behave but that’s just the start of her worries. At the Obedience Centre, things are not what they seem. Where do all the dogs go? What is Evil Kate cooking? And how are they going to escape? A delightful rhyming tale that underpins the importance of self-belief." 

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